Warning About Used Bounce Houses

Used Bounce Houses

Used Bounce House
A well maintained bounce house can last for many years. As children grow, eventually they will outgrow their bounce house. These parents typically will sell their used bounce house for a much lower price then they originally paid for it. If you are looking to purchase a bounce house, purchasing a pre-owned unit can offer you greater savings or permit you the ability to purchase a much larger bounce house for less money.

Find a Used Bounce House

Generally speaking, you can purchase a used bounce house in good condition for 25%-50% of its original purchase price. This offers a significant discount of what you would pay if purchasing a newer unit. There are a few sources we recommend taking a look at if you want to purchase a secondhand bounce house. Please read below for additional details.

Without question, eBay is the largest online auction house. In addition to other kids toys, you can also find dozens of used bounces available for purchase at any given time. The drawback may be the shipping fees, especially for larger units. You may find eBay's current selection of used bounce houses here.

CraigsList is an excellent resource to use to find used bounce houses for sale in or near your city. This can save you a significant amount of money by eliminating shipping fees. Also, you may be able to view the bounce house you are interested in fully inflated. To view the used bounce house listings in your city or region, simply go to CraigsList and select the state and then city closest to you. In the left column you will notice a search box and you should type in "bounce house" to find the most suitable matches. You can visit CraigsList here.

PTA Resources
Your local PTA chapter is an excellent resource for finding just about any used clothing or toys for children, especially toddlers. Many PTA chapters have resale events where you can find used inflatable bounce houses. But even if a resale event is not scheduled, still contact your local PTA chapter and ask if they know anyone that has a used bounce house for sale. Most PTA organizations and their members are great networkers and they can help you find a used bounce house in your region if any of their members are selling one.


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