Used Bounce House Lead Warning

Those considering the purchase of a used bounce house must be warned that there are used bounce houses being sold which exceed seventy (70) times the "safe" levels of lead. As parents ourselves, we understand how important it is to be informed. It is our hope that the information below will shed some light on the potential risks of purchasing a used bounce.

Under current law, the maximum amount of lead permitted children's toys is restricted to 90 PPM on painted surfaces and 300 PPM for all other parts. Independent lead tests (read below) allege up to 29,000 PPM were discovered in some bounce houses.

Because of the risk of lead, we strongly encourage parents to consider purchasing a new bounce house. Whether your new inflatable purchase is made at our bounce house store or not, we are grateful for each and every parent that reads this page. Empowering parents, with accurate information, is important to protecting children from the hidden hazards of lead.

Bounce House Lead Litigation Timeline

On 8/11/2010 the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), and the California Attorney General, sued a number of bounce house makers, distributors and suppliers. In their lawsuit it was claimed that independent testing, performed by CEH, found that some bounce houses contained more than seventy times the Federal limit for lead in children's toys under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Read: Bounce House Lead Lawsuit (opens in new browser window)

On 2/23/2011 the lawsuit was settled with two leading bounce house manufacturers, with an agreement that they would only produce bounce houses which comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Negotiations are still pending with some smaller bounce house manufacturers and distributors. Please note that the company names which settled this lawsuit, and those that are still pending, are named on the page found at the link below.

Read: Bounce House Makers Settle Lead Lawsuit (opens in new browser window)

Additional information about this lawsuit is available at the California Attorney General's website. The full complaint, which is in a PDF file, may be read here.

Thank you for visiting the Bounce House Play website. It is our hope that the consumer product safety information provided above will help you to make a more informed bounce house purchasing decision.

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Used bounce houses may contain unsafe levels of lead and pose a risk to children. Visit our online store to view new bounce houses which are compliant with current laws governing product safety.
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