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Below you may browse available bounce house rental locations in your state. Simply select your state or province from the drop down menu underneath the correct corresponding country flag. You will then be taken to our listing of bounce house rental locations within your state, sorted by zip code.

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Please be sure to visit our bounce house rental page for important consumer tips to help you select the safest and most enjoyable inflatable bouncer for your child. While we offer this information to help, it in no way is intended as an endorsement of any product nor are the questions included in our tips meant to replace your own questions as a parent.

Please note that most party supply and bounce house rental companies offer basic instruction on the safe use of inflatable bouncers at the time of rental. In addition to these instructions, it is recommended that you also request a copy of the owners manual so that you have important safety and usage information available with you should any questions arise.

If you operate a bounce house rental company, and wish to be included in our directory, please use our contact form and include your complete company name, address and website address in the correspondence. We make no guarantees that we will list any business in our bounce house rental directory.

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If you are looking for an inflatable bounce house to rent, consider purchasing one to use the entire season! With hundreds of inflatables to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect inflatable toy for your child in our store!
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Used Bounce Houses
For the cost of a few rentals, you can purchase a used inflatable bounce house that is still in great condition! If you think second hand bounce houses have lost all their bounce, please note that a well maintained bounce house can last for decades!
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