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If you are having a party for a child, nothing can add as much fun as an inflatable commercial bounce house rental! These commercial rental units are typically large, offer minimal capacity restrictions and will allow the kids to safely jump around for hours. While rented inflatable bouncers do vary in price, size and quality, the tips we offer on this page come from our own experiences of renting bounce houses. Please read below for the important questions you should be asking when getting estimates on bounce house rentals.

Inflatable Bounce House Rental Checklist

Because commercial bounce houses that are rented can cost $5,000 or more to replace, it is very important to do some research before renting one. In addition to protecting your rented inflatable, it is more important that your children are playing in a safe and sanitized environment. Because of this, we suggest that you ask the following questions when considering a bounce house rental company:
  • What are the dimensions of the bounce houses available for rent?
  • What are the maximum occupancy limitations of the inflatable bouncer?
  • Does the bounce house rental come with a safety ramp?
  • Is the bouncer rental fee by hour or by day?
  • What is the cost for exceeding the rental time?
  • Is accidental tear/damage insurance offered?
  • What is your out of pocket costs for unintentional damage?
  • Is there a delivery/pickup fee?
  • Is the setup and tear down included with the fee?
  • Will you be provided with operating and usage instructions?
  • What is the policy regarding rental cancellations due to weather?
  • How old is the bounce house?
  • Does the bounce house you are renting have repair patches?
  • Is the bounce cleaned after each use or prior to rental?
  • How is the bounce house cleaned (disinfectant desired)?
You may download a printer friendly bounce house rental checklist below. Please note that this serves as the basis for a general consumer guide for inflatable toy rentals.

Printable Bounce House Rental Checklist

Adobe Reader File

As noted previously, bounce house rental rates will vary in cost, which is primarily dependent on the size and style of rented bouncer. Extras, such as rental insurance, setup, takedown and delivery will add to the rental cost. These fees generally can not be reduced by much without assuming more work on your part. If the rented bouncer is small, then transportation, setup and the takedown process will be relatively easy to accomplish. For larger rental units, renters are better off paying the extra fees to assure that the bounce house rental is professionally setup and safely transported to and from the rental location.

Please note that each rented bounce house should also come with its own operating instructions. It is important to read these instructions and to discuss this with the children before they enter the inflatable toy play. At all times children must be supervised by a qualified attendant to make sure that the children safely enjoy playing in the rented bounce house.

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