Bounce House Balls

Bounce House Balls
Even though an inflatable bounce house is plenty of fun on its own, with children jumping and having a great time, adding some bounce house balls is always a nice accessory to add even more fun. Our bounce house balls, which are also known as pit balls, are specifically designed for use in inflatable bounce houses. Because our bounce house balls are so affordable, they are a great addition for any bouncer. Visit our bounce house balls store today to see how much you can save!

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Bounce House Ball Safety

When shopping for bounce house balls, it is important to look for phthalate-free products. Phthalates are used to soften plastics and to increase their overall durability. Because of leeching concerns, where phthalates may enter the body, it is highly recommended that all parents avoid plastic products made with this chemical. While ongoing research is being conducted on phthalates, some preliminary research suggests that children exposed to this chemical are more likely to develop autism.

One of the main concerns when throwing in some bounce house balls into a large inflatable toy is that children will ultimately start throwing them at each other. Because of their design, and softness, these balls rarely cause injury. However, a qualified attendant should always be supervising children in the bounce house. When children start throwing the balls at each other, they should be instructed to stop. Commercial bounce house operators will often eject children that do not follow this rule.

When using bounce house balls in an inflatable toy, please keep in mind that the balls are being handled by children. Since children are known to put their fingers in their mouths, it's important to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, it is wise to clean the balls with an effective anti-bacterial cleaner after each use and to properly store the bounce house balls so that they stay clean and are not contaminated.

Additional safety information is available on our bounce house safety tips page.

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Our bounce house store has hundreds of new inflatable bounce houses on sale. In addition to bounce houses, we also have balls, blowers and other accessories for your inflatable toys!
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